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“We saw immediate success. This will sound crazy but, one of my guards doubled his percentages in 5-10 minutes. It’s unbelievable.”

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Coach Mike Shawl, Sanderson HS, NC

"3 DAYS"

“We were young and needed help. After three practice sessions using the STRAP, we went from shooting 23% in games to 42%. The STRAP works”

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Coach Chris Seep, Marshall HS, WI

"1 WEEK"

“The STRAP sounded too good to be true but I was wrong. Within the first week our mechancis were much better and shots were now dropping. The STRAP is amazing.”

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Coach Pinellafie Johnson, Goodrich HS, TX


“I was amazed at how much my kids improved their accuracy and mechanics in less than three weeks. The STRAP is unbelievable.”

NBA Coach Kevin McHale - Houston Rockets
NBA Top 50 Players of All-Time

"The STRAP literally taught me how to shoot."

""We saw success immediately!"

"3 DAYS"
"I saw improvement in 3 days.""

"1 WEEK"
"In only 1 week our kids had much better form."


How It Works

“Thumbing” puts force on the side of the ball and makes it impossible to learn proper form."

Videos That Explain All About The STRAP

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  1. How To Attach The SHOOTING STRAP
  2. How To Practice With The STRAP & A Tip For A More Comfortable Fit
  3. How Long To Use The STRAP - Features Interview With Coach Tony Bennett
  4. BIG Benefits When The SHOOTING STRAP Is Adjusted Properly
  5. Even Those Who ALREADY Shoot With One Hand Improve Accuracy
  6. GREAT TIP, Use The STRAP To Learn To Shoot With EITHER Hand Near The Basket
  7. ssembling The STRAP

Jay & Ryan’s Warm-up Drills Video - $30 Value

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“We teach these warm-up drills at all our Star Shooter Camps. Their affects have been phenomenal for developing form and accuracy. Go to our Shooting Camp page and listen to the camper testimonials.”


Now Available In Multiple Colors For More Uses

  • Motivation To Improve – Assign colors to various skill levels
  • Easy Inventory – Assign each team a color
  • School Colors – Order in your school colors

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